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Who We are

For centuries now, scientists and clinicians have been growing human cells on two dimensional plastic dishes, expecting them to behave like the cells inside our human body. The advent of 3D cell culture has revolutionized the field but also posed new questions such as “Are 3D systems really more relevant?” and “How do we perform and analyze 3D cultures in a reliable way?”.
Multiple new 3D culture systems have been proposed such as hanging drop spheroids, hydrogel drop cultures or organ-on-a-chip technologies. But all of these systems fail to address scalability and easy analysis. We built SUN bioscience because we spent over 10 years working on stem cell derived in vitro models. Adoption of stem cell organoids has been hindered by complicated, irreproducible protocols due to lack of reliable culture systems. We are convinced organoids will change the way we interact with Health and this is why we set out to make organoid technologies an industry standard.

Our Team

Sylke Hoehnel
co-CEO & Founder

Nathalie Brandenberg
co-CEO & Founder

Jeroen van den Oever

Our Advisors

Matthias Lutolf
Prof. PhD
Scientific advisor

Alain Sauty
Dr. med.
Medical Advisor

Gerhard Rogler
Prof. Dr. med. PhD
Medical Advisor

Youri Sawerschel
Lecturer at EPFL, ESSEC, HEG and EHL
Brand Strategist

Angela Koutsokera
Dr. med. PhD
Medical Advisor